Keeping Culture Alive



Soap For Hope

As the world’s oldest city, Aleppo is a unique product of its past. Arab, Turkish, Roman, French and Persian influence has shaped the city’s rich arts scene and unique way of life.

Yet, Aleppo’s most significant contribution may be as the birthplace of soap. 

For 4.000 years, Syrian artisans have made natural soap of olive- and laurel oil. A renowned organic product and a cultural pride of Aleppo - now close to extinction due to the war.

Defying the war to keep the culture alive, our soap seeks to promote what once was - and what might be again.


The True Natural Soap

Aleppo soap is the world's oldest soap and a pure natural product made of organic olive oil, laurel oil, water and lye. 

This traditional formula contains no colours, parabenes or perfume, making it suitable for all skin types. 

The ingredients are mixed in the winter during harvest season and set to dry for up to nine months. During the drying process, the soap turns from green to its distinct beige colour while preserving its natural antibiotic qualities.

The laurel oil is an effective cleanser that, together with olive oil, helps to purify and nourish your skin.


Keeping Culture Alive

Since 2011, sustained bombing has destroyed Syria. The war has killed close to 400.000 people and caused millions to flee their home. As one of the fiercest battlegrounds, Aleppo has come to symbolise the horror of the civil war in Syria.

However, the city's history is far from today's portrayal. Aleppo is a Unesco World Heritage site, a centre for classic Arabic music and celebrated for its literary traditions.

Working with Syrian soapmakers, our original Aleppo soap has been made in Syria and imported from EU and functions as a symbol of Aleppo’s cultural heritage and contribution to the world.

In addition to preserving the traditional soapmaking, our profit supports and promotes Syrian culture across Europe.