For 4.000 years, Syrian artisans have crafted fine natural soaps of olive oil and laurel. A pure natural bath bar and a cultural pride of Aleppo, now close to extinction due to the war.

Before the conflict, close to 400 soap manufacturer operated out of Aleppo. Today, only a handful are left. We aim to preserve the soapmaking traditions and seek to promote inter-cultural initiatives in Europe.

The soap has been handmade in Syria, using no chemicals, perfume or colouring. During the drying process, the soap turns from green to brown while preserving its natural antibiotic and antiseptic qualities.

Aleppo soap has been used at the world's finest hammams for centuries and is a symbol of the city's cultural heritage and history as a Unesco World Heritage site.


The Aleppo Soap Project is initiated in the spring of 2017 by Christian Halsted and Ulrik Ejlers. The soap is produced by Syrian soapmakers and imported from EU.

The team has been collaborating with several Syrian natives living in Denmark, including musician Bakri Hemmami, poet Nader Alkasem, as well as Assem Swaid and Buthaina Shaheen of the Syrian Cultural Institute.

The team is based in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Aleppo Soap ©Aleppo IVS, 2017

Aleppo Soap ©Aleppo IVS, 2017